In-home Nursing Care

“The Therapy was fantastic, I would highly recommend Mueller Therapy and Easy Living Home Health to my friends and colleagues.”

Easy Living Home Health Care Programs provide you and your loved ones with a skilled interdisciplinary team of Doctors, Nurses, Home Health Aides, Social Workers, Dieticians, Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists. Our staff takes a personalized team approach in working with you and your family. We specialize in the following areas:

~Skilled Nursing Care ~Medication Management
~Wound Care ~Catheter Care
~Dementia/Alzheimer’s Management ~Arthritis and Joint Pain
~Parkinson’s Disease ~Post Acute Rehabilitation
~Fall Prevention ~Incontinence Training
~Dietician Services ~Social Services

Medication Management
~Educating family, staff, and patient on proper dosage, time management of medication, and the need for medication.

Education of Disease Management Program
~Helping individuals to understand the disease process and manage it appropriately.

Incontinence Management Program
~Assess and screen, treating pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence through exercise and modalities as appropriate.

Falls Prevention Program
~Specialized balance testing and implementation of research based fall prevention training.

Dementia / Memory Loss Program
~This program adapts one’s environment, providing cognitive stimulation , and caregiver education so that we may, “preserve what is remembered and discover what was lost”

Lymphedema Program
~Utilizing therapeutic interventions such as kinesiotaping, edema massage, and staff education.